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Where Are They 60 Years Later?




Miss Morine’s Room (Gr. 4/5) - Oakdene School, Bear River, NS – 1952



   Thumbnail Snapshots of the Past 60 Years: 


Front Row:                                       

Edmund Read                    Agriculturist, worked Kentville Research Station c 1970s-1990s,

                                            married, retired and growing show roses and living Berwick, NS


Eddie Peck                          Entrepreneur, in floatplane ‘engineering’ business, married Jean Darres,

                                             living Pecks Hill in Bear River


Gerald Parker                    Biologist for CWS, studied caribou in NWT and lynx in CBI, married,

                                            widowed, remarried, living Sackville, NB


Allan Parker                       Canadian Forces-Pine Tree radar base focus, married, retired, living

                                            Regina, SK


William Wamboldt             Moved to S ON, worked auto body, owned appraisal business, married,

                                            retired to Port Hope, ON


James Parker                    Moved to Ontario c1956 with family; married, returned to NS; family living greater

                                            Halifax area in 2015; according to his Facebook page Jim "Studied Hammer Tech

                                             at the School of Hard Knocks, Masters Degree in Common Sense".


Ray Riley                             Geologist/civil servant/consultant, married, semi-retired, living Thunder

                                             Bay, ON


Lionel McCormick               Worked Canada Post, major leadership in NS Lions Club,

                                             married, retired Lake Echo, NS


2nd Row

Dora Harris                        Married Allen Height, homemaker, worked ‘The Pines’/fish plant,

                                            widowed, living Digby, NS


            Barbara Morine              Married, living Sydney, NS


Patricia Dukeshire           Real estate management, married, divorced, remarried first husband and

                                           living Beaver Bank, NS


Marjorie MacDormand     To North Hampton, NH, with family c1956, single, tragically deceased

                                            Derry, NH, 1999


Noreen Elliott                   Married Richard Green, divorced, remarried an Elliott, widowed, living

                                           Middleton, NS


          Shannon Fletcher            Married Clyde Trimper, widowed, remarried, living Liverpool, NS


Nancy Parker                   Nurse, married, lived Denmark, family returned to Canada, living Calgary,



Dianne Graham                Management training consultant, author, married Bob Sanford, divorced,

                                           remarried, living Bridgewater, NS and with her husband has devoted

                                           retirement years to adoption/protection of domestic animals


Carolyn Harris                  Financial analyst, married, divorced, lived Halifax, latterly living Digby but

                                           moving to Cornwallis spring 2013


Judy Marshall                    Moved with Pat Dukeshire/Carolyn Harris to Halifax 1960, spent a career

                                            with Sears Canada, married, retired, living Halifax


3rd Row

George Harris                   Moved to Kentville area, married, last living Grandview Manor

                                            retirement home, Berwick, NS, deceased mid-August 2013


Wendell Benson               (Brother to Bentley Rice), moved to S Ontario, deceased Ottawa 1969


Edward Hubley                 Moved to S Ontario, worked Wishing Well bottling company, auto parts,

                                            married, retired in London, ON


Rodney Peck                     Worked Canadian Coast Guard, married, retired, living Bear River on

                                            Pecks Hill


Miss Morine (Eleanor J)   Teacher, local girl, single, taught full career at Oakdene, deceased at

                                            85 years, Digby, 2006


David Hill                            Businessman, black organizer/advocate, widowed, career focused on NS

                                            with a short period in marketing in Toronto, living Dartmouth 2011


Gary Gesner                      Canadian Forces-MP, one tour Syria, married Dorothy Graham, divorced,

                                            remarried, retired, living Waterdown, ON


Lawrence Frost                 Moved to S Ontario, worked construction, married, retired, living Oakville,



Back Row

Bruce MacDormand         To NH with family c1956, worked carpentry and long-haul trucking,

                                            married, retired in North Hampton, NH


Donald Darres                   Sales; initially worked Halifax area, lived Annapolis c 2005, more recently

                                            Dartmouth, married, retired


Lloyd Paul                           Engineer/entrepreneur, lived Digby for high school, migrated to NB, owns

                                             construction firm, married, living Saint John, NB


George Dunn                     To MA in 1957, drafted 1960, US Army aviation engineering, two tours

                                            each Germany & Viet Nam during 21 years, post-service consulting,

                                            married, retired, living Temple, TX


Bentley Rice                      Worked at Farmers Dairy at Digby, married Patricia Cook, deceased Digby



Eddie McDonald                Cook at CFB Cornwallis, married, retired, deceased Upper Clements 1997




Oakdene School Partly Framed by THE Oak

(Photo by former late-1940's student, photographer Jeff Wilson of Middleton)


Dianne (Graham) Nice/Ray Riley

June 2013