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Willy's Wonderful Pork Chop Stew
(pour deux)

Although this does not seem very imaginative, it does not take a rocket scientist to prepare, it smells good while cooking, it uses a limited number of pots, and it tastes great if the directions are followed

By the way, I wish to stress that if Kyle M. tries this little number out in his restaurant, the royalties from it's success may be sent to my Saskatoon address.

  • 4 centre pork chops

  • 4 medium potatoes

  • 1 medium onion

  • carrots (optional)

  • salt/pepper/seasoning salt

Thinly slice onion and layer alternatively with each chop in a glass pot (This must be cooked in a glass pot. Don't know why but it does make a difference)
Cut up potatoes and carrots and scatter around the meat.
Add salt to taste and a good wallop of pepper.

If I may digress here for a minute, I would like to share an experience I once had in a cafe. I was putting pepper on my eggs one morning when a guy in the next booth and whom I'd never seen before, leaned over and said "You like pepper, eh?" I looked back and said "Nah -- Don't like eggs!"

When all ingredients are in, add enough water so that about " covers the bottom of the pot.
Cook in oven at 350F for at least 1 hours so that the flavour of the meat permeates veggies
When done, dice potatoes inside pot so the juices are absorbed.

Try it...you will enjoy!!

(PS--May be eaten directly out of pot once handle cools!)

                                                                                                                Willy Chopty